Casting New Altitudes of Work Spaces

Closed cabins, monotonous cubicles and boring wall paints. No doubt each one of us feel that office hours move as slow as a snail. With the same pattern and same routine, and no refreshment or entertainment available, each one of us are so glued to our chairs that getting up has become a difficult task. Don't you long for some space from your office spouse - your laptop or desktop? Step out from the office walls and breathe some fresh air? Sit in an open garden and sip a freshly brewed cup of coffee?


Research shows the need for modern work spaces. Hence, in an attempt to redefine spaces, a commercial hub is born. It welcomes you to a larger than life business arena. A work space situated at a prime location that breaks the typical office attitude and injects a positive and lively working atmosphere. A tower of excellence that is built with all necessary amenities like:

Open Garden Cafe - where you can break free from the chains of stress and relax in the lap of nature with your colleagues over a coffee.

Indoor Restaurant - where you can refill your energy with scrumptious delicacies and get back to work with a happy heart

Gym - where you can get in shape at your office building itself without trying to find time to hit a gym somewhere else.

Coffee Shop - where you can brainstorm and produce more fresh and innovative ideas at the coffee table, sipping aromatic and soul filling varieties of coffee.


To gift you an outstanding platform, to score your business goals and to lift you to new levels of achievement, professionally and personally, Ganesh Housing Corp. Ltd. & Siddhi Developers have jointly succeeded in turning the office of your dreams into reality!

If you are thinking this can only be an imaginary office or one that can only be seen in movies, then you must visit Surdhara Circle at Thaltej, Ahmedabad right away! Standing with pride, with awe-inspiring structures and masterful creation, you will find your business booster – The Maple Trade Centre, which willput an end to all common office issues like parking, security, space and so on, and give wings to your business dreams and motivate you to reach new pinnacles, all day, everyday.

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